Custom Fabricator fabricating the body of a unit
Custom Fabricator spot welding
clean pipe base body

Pipe Base

When you have stainless steel custom fabrication needs for your commercial kitchen, back of house, or pipe base needs, Atlanta Custom Fabricators is your #1 resource. We only use stainless steel that is approved by NSF foodservice area standards. That means no 400 grade metals in our back of house & pipe base fabrications. We insist on using only NSF approved metal grades for our custom fabrication projects, such as 304, 301, and 201. Our client list is extensive, and serves as proof of our high-quality service. Clients ranging from Chick-Fil-A to the Ritz-Carlton all trust Atlanta Custom Fabricators for their custom stainless steel work. If our custom commercial kitchen equipment, back room, and pipe base equipment wasn’t the best, our national and regional reputations might be much different. But all over the Southeast, and the entire United States, people trust ACF.

Atlanta Custom Fabricators has a wide range of Back of House & Pipe Base fabrication capabilities. If you are looking for any of any of these types custom stainless steel products, call or contact an ACF representative today!

Industrial Kitchen Sinks

Medical Instrument Tables

Food Preparation Tables

Shelves and Racks

Industrial Dish Washing

Dish Lines & Tables

Serving Counters

Cafeteria Equipment

Storage Hoppers & Bins

Industrial Ovens

Industrial Dryers

Hospital Equipment

Mobile Serving & Storage

Medical Carts & Tables

Lab & Surgical Sinks

Specialty Fabrications

Independent Fit Designs

Custom Pipe Base Equipment


For any of these custom kitchen equipment, back of house, or pipe base products, contact your #1 stainless steel fabrications company. Contact Atlanta Custom Fabricators!

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